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 A FREE service to get in touch with babysitters         

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143, rue de Hollerich Luxembourg

Help!!! Mom and Dad should going out...

A solution???




For any application for registration as "babysitter" contact us by phone at 26262682 or email:

We provide you a FREE service to get in touch with babysitters all over Luxembourg is easy to use and also convenient to find a babysitter in order to tare care of your kids for dinner, professional evening,cinema etc...


Take it easy !


After making a selection process, we have:


  • Took the time to receive babysitters on interview

  • Checked their experiences

  • Listened to their motivations

  • Given basic advice

  • Checked their CRIMINAL RECORDS

  • Highlighted their training (first aid course,educator training aid...)

  • Given the chance to beginners according to their motivations






















Daniel (babysitter):

" I am looking forward to take care of your children!"

Audrey (babysitter):

"Having already an experience in babysitting, I would like to have more family ..."

Stéphanie (babysitter):

"Currently in a aid educator training, babysitting is an integral part of my life ..."

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